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Size Really Doesn’t Matter!

Jeans are a timeless wardrobe essential. They’re casual, comfortable, and pair well with any look across all seasons. But with so many different styles and varieties out there, finding a pair that’s comfortable and flattering seems nearly impossible. Aside from the fact that bodies come in sorts of different shapes and sizes, there would always be inconsistent sizing across fashion brands and styles.

Eliminate this worry with U-Jeans™. When we say one size fits all, we mean it! Whether you’re a size 2 or size 20, rest assured that these jeans will fit you perfectly every time – even if you gain or lose weight. No tricks just a fabulous treat!

The Perfect Fit Starts With The Perfect Material

U-Jeans™ is created using advanced e-360° smart denim technology, a highly durable and stretchable premium fabric made of elastic fibres that is woven in such a way that it always conforms to your unique shape and height. The material helps sculpt your body to look more contoured and reveal a flattering figure that accentuates your curves.

The smart fabric provides mild compression which offers a micro-massage effect through its gentle pressure. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by transforming body heat into far infrared rays while promoting blood flow and boosting metabolism that aids in weight loss too!

What Makes U-Jeans™ The Ultimate Jeans?

Ultra-Comfortable One-Size Fit
The super stretchy fabric conforms to your body’s shape and height. It also sits well on your curves and will stretch as needed without losing its elasticity. Perfect for those who plan to shed some extra pounds.
Booty Lift
Our heart-shaped stitching gives your backside a flattering and lifted look.
Transforms Body Shape
Instantly It comes with flat seams that smooths the body's silhouette to reveal a flattering hourglass figure.
Conceals Belly Bulge
Its curved waistbands instantly tummy-tames to hide bulges and love handles giving the body a more toned shape as it hugs you in all the right places without being too tight.
Cosmetic Benefits
The smart fiber transforms body heat into far infrared rays to reduce the appearance of cellulite and boost metabolism so you don’t pack on the pounds.
Premium Details
Seamless hems and stitching give you fashion forward style without having to sacrifice comfort.
Available In 3 Colors
U-Jeans™ comes in 3 trendy color options: black, blue and gray.

What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say

I was hesitant to order these jeans because one size never fits all. But after reading the reviews, I thought, why not? They fit perfect! They are stretchy in all the right places and helps hide my cellulites and bulges too. It’s the right amount of compression that holds you in without being uncomfortable. These jeans are definitely worth it if you are in between sizes a lot.

Kathryn Horton, CO

✔ Verified Purchase

These are freaking fantastic! I kept buying them because I've never been able to find something that fits like these do. They’re ridiculously comfortable and I can actually do yoga in them. Plus, my butt looks amazing! These jeans also help you lose weight. I’ve dropped almost 20 lbs since wearing them. The good thing is, they still fit me. Extremely happy with my purchase!

Natalie Jackson, ME

✔ Verified Purchase

I wasn’t sure how a size 20 would fit into the pants but they look so good on me! I have a big bottom and huge thighs. Yet, they fit snug and beautiful. Makes me feel sexy. I love the material because it doesn’t feel too tight but fits really well on my hips and thighs. It’s soft and feels good too. Thank you so much for these lovely jeans. Highly recommended!

Lucy Wells, NC

✔ Verified Purchase

Size Chart

NOTE: U-Jeans™ are made to stretch, however please read sizing notes on the individual products. One size fit can vary with body types.

*Waist and hips measurements are shown in a range as the e-360° smart denim technology in our jeans can accommodate fluctuating sizes which grow and shrink with you.


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