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The Mysterious Island of Kihnu: The Secrets of the Women-Led Civilization

4th October 2023 | Written by Jesse Idris

The mysterious island of Kihnu, the only 'isle of women' in the world, are turning heads of present-day civilizations everywhere by being a one-of-a-kind modern society led by extraordinary women.

“It isn’t easy being the guardians of an island, and no one expects the women to be the backbone of our civilization.”

“We’re really hoping to get women everywhere get on top of things.”

“So, if you know anyone struggling with aches and pains, hear us out!”

– Maarja, Chief of Kihnu

An Awe-Inspiring Journey

Fascinated by Kihnu women’s remarkable capabilities and strength, physiologist Dr Angela Campbell decided to pay the island a visit during the summer. Little did she know, she was about to unravel millenniums of mystery.

“I was shocked to see women my size lift heavy logs and building homes.”

“But they did all that without breaking a sweat!”

“I’ve never seen any woman, or man, this insanely strong in the city.”

– Dr. Campbell

At night, Dr Campbell was invited to Kihnu’s cultural dance festival. There, she saw the SAME women lifting logs dancing the night away. They never looked more alive even after an entire day of labor. Their energy and spirit left Dr Campbell’s mind boggled.

The Ways Of Female Viking Warrior Ancestors

Dr. Campbell decided to speak with 85-year-old folk dancer, Astrella, a beloved and respected elder who’s lived on the island her whole life

“Traditionally, the men go out to sea to fish for months, allowing the women to govern and lead our society to what it is today.”

“Sometimes life makes it difficult for women to make strides here. But thanks to our ancestors, we can be independent of the men’s strength."

– Astrella

Astrella then took off her shoes and showed it to Dr Campbell. On the inside, lies a pad of pebbles, which she explained:

“Our island was founded by legendary female Viking warrior, Lädgertha, a skilled fighter with the strength and courage of 100 men.”

“One day, she got severely injured and could not get up on her feet, and requested the ancient healers to quickly help her.”

“So, they crafted a pad of pebbles and placed it inside her shoes. The next day, Lädgertha won her battle and overthrew the King.”

“Upon her return, she commanded the healers to keep this remedy a secret, fearing her enemies would use it to their advantage.”

“Ever since, the women of Kihnu thrived in strength and health. I might be old, but I’ve been living pain-free!”

– Astrella

An Incredible Medieval Discovery by Women

In all her years of medical research, Dr. Campbell found it skeptical how such a primitive remedy work so miraculously. But nonetheless, she gave it a go.

Dr. Campbell was certain she was on the brink of a medical breakthrough. She then pulled all-nighters studying the ancient texts of Viking healers. This was what she found:

“The notes describe our feet as the foundation of the human body and represent the pillar of our health, supporting our entire weight.”

“Every pad weaved by the healers were different for each patient and its similarities are likely to be the inspiration behind Zone Therapy.”

“Where sections of the body are divided into primary areas of treatment to rehabilitate and rid illnesses from specific parts of the body.”

“Today, humans rely too heavily on pharmaceutical solutions and have neglected this vital structure of our body.”

– Dr. Campbell

Dr. Campbell was bent on getting her findings out to the world. But their medieval ways were out of date and impractical.

So, she recruited a team of specialized orthopedic physicians and molded an insole capable of replicating its therapeutic effects.

The Birth Of Onnissta™

The science behind Onnissta™ is simple yet brilliant. Here’s how Dr. Campbell explained it:

“Our nervous system works just like branches on a tree.”

“When the branches fail to supply nutrients to its leaves, they start to wilt and eventually fall.”

“Just like a tree branch, each nerve is attached to a vital organ.”

“But as we age, our nerves deteriorate and fail to reconnect with our organs. This causes pains to our body, indicating our organs falling apart.”

“Hence, leading to a whole host of disorders, ranging from arthritis to osteoporosis.”

“The medieval healers have unconsciously discovered the foot map of the human body.”

“By applying calculated pressure onto specific points of our feet, it directly activates worn-out nerve fibers to regenerate.”

Onnissta™ was created with thousands of self-stimulating pressure points. Its light-weight design cushions and redistribute our weight across the foot.

The unique blueprint puts pressure on specific points of our feet and sends signals to the brain to realign nerve terminals for every organ.

Strengthening the connection between organs and the brain, by opening up the neural pathway in our lumbar spine and promote blood circulation to relieve pain.

Ultimately, Onnissta™ is able to improves your overall health and prolongs life.

A Pain-Free Solution For All

Dr. Campbell tested out Onnissta™ with some of the women of Kihnu and Astrella during their labor, and their response was more than ecstatic.

“It’s unbelievable! They’re even more comfortable than our traditional pads.”

“Moving my body’s effortless now, I feel as light as a feather!”

– Astrella

A mass clinical trial was even carried out across the globe, and 98.5% out of 1,520 participants felt that same rejuvenating strength.

For participant Marie Ellis, it made a monumental change in her life. This is her story:

“I was diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis and lived only knowing pain, even my own doctor expected me to pop pills forever.”“It was a long shot, but I was recommended into Dr. Campbell’s clinical trial.”

“Within the first week, I’ve stopped limping and my pains vanished! A month later, my knees and back felt like a well-greased machine.”

“I visited my doctor again, and he couldn’t believe how nimble I’ve become.”

“I could lift my granddaughter and exercise again thanks to Onnissta™!”

– Marie

Preserving The Extraordinary Strength Of Women

“Years of blood, sweat, and tears of Kihnu women’s preservation wasn’t a waste.”

“It has given us an opportunity to live a long and healthier life.”

“It goes to show how these outstanding women help make the world a better place.”

“I’m hopeful to see how Onnissta™ expands everyone’s time on earth”

– Dr. Campbell

Since its launch, Onnissta™ has relived the aches of over 30,000 lives. Forging incredible recovery stories from athletes to people like Marie.

Support these women’s way of life and turn your health around by eliminating your pains, and taking charge of your life.

A little bit of self-love goes a long way, and empowering strength and health is something every women deserves.

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